1 Month Stock Picking Challenge - March 2014 Active Now

Join our 1 Month Stock Picking Challenge for March 2014 – Registration Open Now!

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I would like to extend an offer to all traders interested in our community event / friendly competition.  Myself, friends from stocktwits.com and others who have visited my site and signed up on my forums are starting our *NEW* monthly stock picking challenge for March 2014.  “Registration” for the challenge is very simple and only requires registering on my forums and replying with your pick to my March 2014 thread.

This stock picking challenge should be a lot of fun as well as be informative as you will be getting opinions from mostly active traders and those who love stocks as much as I do.  I find interaction with others to test your ideas and learn new ones one of the best ways to get better in the stock market.  Why not do it with friendly people of a growing stock community.

In addition to the great networking aspect I have included some “prizes” for the winner.  Please see the announcement for more information.

Hope to see you in the forums.

Happy Trading
Your Friend
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